Nichie has been a human of the Internet since "web design" meant tiled images as backgrounds, glittery .gifs being all the rage, and everything had to be these four colours, ala the Space Jam website.

This space has become an online dumping place of articles on a vast array of topics with one focal point -Nichie. Her travels, musings on life and personal experiences, perspectives on love, and artistry all reside in this corner of the Internet (and here, and here, as well), at first wanting to merely document, but now intending to share, and hopefully inspire meaningful conversation.

Nichie is a huge fan of all things horror -stories, movies, and video games. A graduate of a cross-disciplinary program in Arts and Computer Science, Nichie spends most of her time in front of her laptop, if not coding, watching YouTube, post-processing photos, or Googling references for a watercolour painting.

This is Nichie is a labour of love meant for greater things it has yet to truly find itself in.

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