My Lip Product Collection (2017) and (My) Realities About Lip Products

I realize now why lip swatches are mostly videos instead of blog posts - it's real awkward . I have fairly plump lips, which make ...

I realize now why lip swatches are mostly videos instead of blog posts -it's real awkward.

I have fairly plump lips, which make them a great canvas for colour, I find. Since the beginning of my makeup endeavours, I knew that lipstick was going to be my forever. Actually, ever since I watched Mulan and Ursula paint their lips in their respective Disney movies, I knew lipstick was for me.
That being said, I've found that I've accumulated quite the collection, and I'm happy (albeit high-key super shy) to be sharing my 2x3 ID photo montage of said collection along with a few realities I've come to accept about lip products.

Reality #1: Unless you're totally vibing with your personal style, look, feel, and confidence, there will be a cycle of Person-Looks-Good-In-Lip-Product, I-Want-Lip-Product, I-Buy-Lip-Product, Lip-Product-Doesn't-Work-On-Me, Feel-Sad, rinse and repeat. There was a lot of denial, and "making it work" with this one (damn you, Mac Mehr).

Reality #2: Liquid lip products are drying AF, and nobody can convince me otherwise. There is no "comfortable" formula for a liquid lip. Fight me.

Reality #3: It's lipstick. You're going to experience that fading, especially around the inner portion of your lips that tend to remain perpetually wet, and that's totally fine. If Marilyn Monroe can rock it in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), you can, too.

Reality #4: Lipstick will transfer everywhere if you're not careful. I have a couple of coats that have have to be subjected to a lot of cleaning abuse because of my tendency for red lipstick. The trick is to suck your lips inwards, and hope that's enough to hide the pigment from that white shirt you're about to put on.

Reality #5: Kids will love your "non-conventional" lip colour. So if you want to, go wear it. Honestly, some of the best compliments I've received on my makeup have been from children. There's just something about a shy little kid hiding behind his mother, looking at my green lip, and going, "I like your lipstick" that melts my heart. It makes me feel like a superhero.

Reality #6: Lip product claims are there to convince you to buy them, obviously, and a lot of them are lies -especially if they're some grand claim like 18-hour wear! Yes, it's going to last 18 hours. Is it going to look great after 18 hours? No. Absolutely not. Don't trust marketing. Don't trust gimmicks. Don't trust the person selling you a lip product on YouTube, even. Look at swatches. Read up on the formula. Lip products can be high-level categorized based on what you're looking for. It's not necessarily about trying it all -it's about being smart about what you try, and consume.

Reality #7:  One-liners are as follows: Price =/= better product. You don't need another x-coloured lipstick. Don't forget to put SPF on your lips. Figure out how to apply a lip product to maximize its wear and performance. You can wear whatever the hell you want with whatever eye look and blusher colour you want.

And that's all of it. Honestly, makeup is so subjective and personal that really, I reiterate, you can do whatever the hell you want, but also, I'd love it if you sent me a photo of you wearing your favourite lip colour. Go on. Do it. Tweet me @thisisnichie or something. It would make me super happy.

What's on my face:

Eyebrows: Coastal Scents - Deep Roast
Blusher: Physicians Formula Butter Blush

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  2. Super relate with #4! That goes for my foundation too. HAHAHA. And I agree, these innocent kids with no solid perception of socially-accepted "beauty" are the most genuine tbh.

    xx, The Diary Queen

  3. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.