I Have Always Loved Valentine's Day

I have always, always loved Valentine's. I love the pinks and the reds, all the puns both innocent and suggestive -hell, the commerci...

I have always, always loved Valentine's.

I love the pinks and the reds, all the puns both innocent and suggestive -hell, the commercialism exists only to serve me the kind of literature I vibe off of, which is that of heartbreak, tragedy, and straight up heart-pounding fluff. If you didn't know, I am well-versed in the art of Japanese-Manga-Heroine-And-Asshole-With-A-Golden-Heart-Love-Story"Hugot" could be my middle name.

But really, that's only part of it. I'm am a (very) full basketcase of emotion, bound to a ritualistic need to spread love, not because of any selfless habit, but because I try to take good care of my emotional health. I find that a healthy outlet to express the overwhelming emotions that build up inside me allows me to put out positivity to in turn fill myself with positivity, instead of passively letting my emotions fester into a gross bitterness that'll eventually eat at me.

I drew a picture to accurately represent what I mean:

I just also really like the thought that love is omnipotent, even though we know there are just some places it cannot grow -I like the thought that we still try to plant it. I like the thought of people who work hard because they can only afford to do something special a couple of times a year. I like the thought of lonely people who act as matchmakers, and Valentine's Friendship dates, and parents bonding with their children,  making Valentine's cards, and I even like the thought that maybe some people will have to part ways because something better is about to come.

The thing about Valentine's that I love the most is that it was never about love to me. It's about the opportunity for it.

I was a very shy kid growing up. I'm still kind of shy now, actually, but there's something about Valentine's that makes me feel like it's okay to be a little extra when it comes to affection, and I think it's because there's just so much opportunity to. Opportunity to feel loved. Opportunity to feel appreciated. Opportunity to express kindness. Every so often I come across someone yelling, "Hey, don't forget -you shouldn't show you care on just one day!". I agree. Every day is a day of opportunity for love and kindness, but not every day is a day when this opportunity is amplified. We are a festive society, and holidays like Valentine's Day are outlets to celebrate the things you just don't realize you need to express. As humans, we kind of suck. We are forgetful. And sometimes, not very thoughtful at all. But I'd like to think we try, because we have the opportunity to.

I have always loved Valentine's Day. I find significant others in the friends, and family I surround myself with. I've found a significance in myself, and in being alone. I am always grateful for days when the opportunities are just as great as the expectations, because I take it as a reminder to grow, to love, and to be kind.

As extra as I can.

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  1. I really find this beautiful. <3 I don't get it why some people think it's cool to hate Valentine's. Okay, we get it. It's a form of a social construct aiming to benefit the capitalists, but heck, why can't they just appreciate this day for what it is? There's no need to shame others for enjoying this day. It doesn't necessarily have to cater to the capitalists, but just a mere of thought of celebrating love itself.

    xx, The Diary Queen

  2. Reading this post, I found that you are full of hope and enthusiasm in life which is really a good thing! Valentines have passed and it feels a normal day to me. I'm not really showy of my affection especially towards parents. I just really don't know why. I hope I can be able to say the words I've been meaning to say to a person because it is one of my dilema I'm facing when it comes to building relationships.

    with love, JeaniebeansPH Diary

  3. Aw Nichie! This is just beautifully written. I love it. :) I'm not really a huge fan of Valentine's day, pretty much because I feel like it's the people's way to make money out of 'love', but I guess looking at the way you see it, it's not so bad after all. :) I miss reading your posts!

    xx jhanzey.net

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  5. I like every word you've written here Nichie! I can't explain but it's full of emotion, it affected me somehow. I love Valentine's day. I love seeing cute and all mushy facebook posts. I love flowers and chocolates even how many times they say that it isn't practical. haha! I can't blame them either. I agree, significant others can be in a form of friends and family, and of course ourselves. Spread the love!