A Look At: Sketchbook (May 2016)

I have been good about drawing. I haven't been great , but I've been sneaking in small drawings here and there (though, mostly be...

I have been good about drawing. I haven't been great, but I've been sneaking in small drawings here and there (though, mostly because I tested out art materials that have either been sitting around unused or haven't been used at all yet). I won:
at a charity auction (Wooden Artist's Kit from DeSerres) and I've only recently made time to properly try out everything in the kit. I've also decluttered dried out materials and duplicates from my collection of miscellaneous pens and markers, as well as finally filled my brush pen with some calligraphy ink.
I'm seeing The Little Prince ballet soon and I've just been thinking about it a lot.
My favourite from the kit are the coloured pencils. They're a poor man's thing of beauty, meaning that you can tell that they're not exactly the best of quality, but they still perform amazingly so the fact that they're not "of standard" doesn't even matter. One thing I was impressed with is how well they perform with each other, which I find can sometimes be an issue when it comes to cheaper art materials. 
The markers were surprisingly great. I'm not sure why I've got such a negative impression of water-based markers, but I do and it's hindered me from being creative with them. These are just really good. I think it's because the ink is very even and they don't drastically layer on top of each other (while on the same stroke) which is something that happens a lot with cheap water-based markers, and I dislike that very much.
 My ink-filled brush pen is both really fun, and really difficult to use (see post-its and bottom drawing). I'm not used to doing line art with a brush pen so really, I just need practice.
This is what happens when you test out which of your pens and markers still work (and are worth keeping) while watching season upon season of Futurama.
The two duds of the kit were the watercolour and the oil pastels. I'm actually pretty decent with oil pastels. They were the thing to use for my elementary school's Art classes, so I've had a good relationship with them. I was very disappointed to see that these oil pastels did not want to blend with each other at all (Prime example of cheap materials not working well together), which caused the void of existential struggle within me to scream, "I don't understand????". The watercolour was expectedly chalky and just ...sad. Like cheapo child watercolour that you get with the plastic bristle brush.

Hopefully by next month, I'll have more to show than these half-drawings and half-concepts, and hopefully even some game concept art and assets from a small game that I'm working on.

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  1. The dude in the orange shirt reminded me of Percy Jackson. Haha!

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

  2. So artsy, Ate Nichie! :)

    Kai // Kitty Journal (www.kittyjournal.com)