A Look At: Sketchbook (Jan 2016)

I've been keeping in line with my  good habit s; be proud of me. One of them is to get back into drawing and writing again. Every...

I've been keeping in line with my good habits; be proud of me.

One of them is to get back into drawing and writing again. Every night I've been drawing in my little 4x6 sketchbook just to get back into the artistic habit. and I've been taking small steps to prevent myself from being discouraged:
1. USE A MEDIUM YOU'RE ALREADY FAMILIAR WITH: Swiffered the dust from my bones and brushes, and got out my watercolour set to get my hands familiar with sketching and painting movements again. When coming back to old hobbies, it's good to find out where you're currently at and establish this as a baseline as to set achievable goals, and not discourage yourself at the same time.
2. THAT MEDIUM YOU'VE NEVER TRIED, BUT HAVE BEEN LUSTING OVER FOR ALMOST A DECADE?: Alcohol-based makers. I finally have them in my life, and they are all sorts of fun. I only have a small collection because they are pretty pricey (up to 7 dollars Canadian a piece), but I'm planning on getting two a month. Picking out the colours to start with was honestly just a confidence in style. Colour is a strength of mine, so I knew which colours I wouldn't mind beginning with. I would recommend muted colours, and skin tones, if you're looking to grab a few yourself.
3. YOU DON'T HAVE TO DRAW PEOPLE ALL THE DAMNED TIME: I like to draw people, because I like to write stories about people. I'm not the type to draw abstract pieces, or landscapes, or animals. Sometimes, though, I do get into a slump where I don't want to draw people, and I treat that moment as if I'm shit-out-of-luck and just can't draw I should throw all my materials away I'm an untalented waste of space. Dramatics aside, I need to remind myself that moments like those are an opportunity to learn new techniques, colour combinations, and forms. I don't need to always draw people.
4. On that note, SMALL DOODLES AND HALF-DRAWINGS ARE STILL PRACTICE: I have this problem where I feel the need to make every page a mini art piece that's perfectly inked and coloured in and complete. I've needed to remind myself to take a step back, and take a break from doing intricate pieces. Expression practice doesn't need to be entirely inked, or coloured in. It doesn't have to look good all the time.  
5. HAVE A TEST CHARACTER. GROW ATTACHED TO SAID TEST CHARACTER: I found myself drawing this one blonde dude over and over again as my test character for expressions, marker testing, etc. He's become somewhat of a safety net, as in I know how he looks, and how he should behave (as much as an on-paper character can). I'm confident in him, so much so that he's become the character for a concept I've been fleshing out.

6: Speaking of, BE EXCITED ABOUT NEW CONCEPTS/IDEAS: I've been playing around with a creative concept recently and I'm really excited about it, which inspires me to both learn and create. The thing with art blocks (and my current state of being, I guess) is that as artists, I feel we should create what we know, and once we've sort of "used up" what we know, we get into this state of not knowing what else to express. I find that stepping outside of the bubble of what we know and being excited about what we find is a great motivator to continue taking more steps forward.

I'm not in any way classifying myself as an artist. I like to draw. I like to write. I like to create things, and these are things I used to do well, and it's taken a while for me to be me again. I think it's important to not let the fire of things you used to enjoy die out, especially if it was such a large part of who you are. Drawing and writing helped me find the best friends I could ever ask for, and helped me express things I didn't know how to, back when I was a less-verbal, introverted little shit. It would be shameful to stop nurturing what passion and skill I have for things that don't challenge me in the way that I should be challenged.

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  1. All my love for this post. <3 I want to hug it and keep it forever

  2. All your drawings are so pretty. And I love your blonde dude character! He even has a cat. Will now create my character too--and grow attached to it. Haha.
    Caffeine Rush

    1. Thank you! I'd LOVE to see more stuff from you (checked out your posts :) They're wonderful!) Do you have a twitter account? I'd love to follow you on more platforms.

  3. Ughhhhh <3 Art some more <3