A Look At: My Art Materials (Pens, Markers, etc.)

I'm not an artist; I just like to draw. I take pride in my small collection of art materials. It's perfect for someone like me ...

I'm not an artist; I just like to draw.

I take pride in my small collection of art materials. It's perfect for someone like me who doesn't make anything beyond the small, self-indulgent art piece. One thing I like about the materials I have is that they're simple, and low-maintenance. I'm a big believer in that sixty percent of the quality of your mediums are in how you use them, and I'm still working on making sure I use them all to their potential.

  • Sakura Koi Watercolour Set: I love water colour. I find it incredibly easy to work with. I'm hoping to up my water colour game soon by grabbing a better quality set, and hot pressed paper.
  • Alcohol-Based Markers: The two brands I currently have are Prismacolour and Copic Ciao. I like both of them equally, but I do find that the Copic Ciao is way more inky than the Prismacolour markers. I also prefer the pointed tip of the Prismacolour to the chisel tip of the Copic Ciao, but both brush ends are great. It's on my list of to-do's to acquire paper that doesn't allow for bleeding. I used these markers to colour in the Sari-Sari store dude, and Quetzalcoatl.
  • Coloured Pencils: One of my favourite things to do is layer coloured pencil over watercolour. The set of mini-pencils (that I displaced into an old planter) I got from Honest Ed's for less than three bucks.
  • Muji Pens: Muji houses my favourite pens of this universe. They're smooth, solid, lastingly true to colour, and most importantly, thin. I don't particularly like the look of different line weights when it comes to my style of drawing, and Muji pens give me exactly the right lines I need.
  • Water-Based Markers and Sharpies: To be honest, I don't use water-based markers to draw very often. They're mostly for writing on presents, or creating colour palettes. I haven't challenged myself to use them beyond how I already do, which is a bit of a shame because I do have some beautiful colours. (Although, pro-tip, Sharpies are only really good for writing or colouring in very small spaces).
  • Pencils: Fun fact about me is that I very much dislike using pencils that require sharpening. I use only two traditional graphite pencils: A Faber-Castel 2H and an HB. Mechanical pencils are my go-to, and I have a preference for coloured lead when doing my sketches.

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  1. You have so many pens *-* I want to try them all omg
    And I have never heard of Muji pens! :o So curious as to how they are like. Are they drawing pens or just really gr9 writing pens?

    1. They're REALLY gr9 writing pens. I LOVE them. I'd give up all my water-based markers for them haha. Hopefully they have a shop there/ship to Belgium! They're such good quality.

  2. Shame on me for visiting your blog only NOW. I have no valid excuse! Anyway, we could be best friends because owning a plethora of pens and any other office supplies is the way to this girl's heart. <3

  3. Oh my gosh I love this. The wooden container for the pencils is so cute.

    Erin | beingerin.com

  4. This is so inspiring!! Are these the same pens from the Philippines or did you buy new ones again? So much familiarity <3