2015: In achievements and moments, a review.

The older you get, it seems the years go by way, way, way quicker. 2015 summarized would be "the-year-I-transitioned-into-something-les...

The older you get, it seems the years go by way, way, way quicker. 2015 summarized would be "the-year-I-transitioned-into-something-less-than-an-adult-but-more-than-a-child". I'm thankful to say that it was full of many things -adventure, self-improvement, learning, and hurt. Here's to the new year - to better resolutions, to better experiences, and finding better ways to respond to these experiences, to not letting sadness overtake you, and to not let happiness oversee you.

JANUARY: CUSEC 2015. I had used up my "Once-A-Year-Only" get drunk card with Kraken rum, and not knowing the rules to King's game. My partner brought me to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada.

FEBRUARY: I got my wisdom teeth taken out on Valentine's Day, and winning the People's Choice Award at the Undergraduate Research Fair at my University.
MARCH: My University went on strike, and presenting at a CreateInTO gathering.
APRIL: Attempting to maintain my "perfect university student" status, while keeping a blog together. Another tick mark for my number of "social media breakdowns". I started a new blog series called "A Look At" which is basically a way to cater to my narcissism, obsessive note-taking, and self-indulgent cynical writing.

MAY: I started another set of posts (used so I can reference font combinations) masquerading as a blog series. I also started my very first adult job  -complete with a contract, salary bargain, and snacks! My family also decided to actually leave the house and go do something in Toronto. We went to visit the High Park Cherry Blossoms.
JUNE: Birthday month. Also month of graduation. 22 and free from University life. Didn't feel very celebratory, however. Another attempt at curating this blog to shit, and failing because ugh blogging. And more mental breakdowns.

JULY: First time having family go on vacation without me, so I cooked for myself all week. My partner and I also went to a baseball game. I got 2nd-degree burns. Wear sunscreen, kids. Also, Skyping with my darlings.

AUGUST: Watching Lazarus and His Beloved, a play by some wonderful people and good friends of mine. I don't remember much of what happened this month.

SEPTEMBER: Another eloquent mental breakdown. Feeling slightly odd that I no longer have to prepare for September now that I have to work the entire year.

OCTOBER: Wow, October was busy. My partner and I had gone with friends to Cobourg for Canada Day. My partner and I also went to the Toronto Zoo (where I got heat stroke. In October! Heat stroke in October! I am from a tropical country! I am an embarrassment! But for real, heat stroke is no joke. It's an emergency situation. My partner should have called 911. Instead, I took some Oxycontin and slept it off. I could possibly have died.) We had also gone hiking in Rouge Park, and to the Pumpkinville Petting Zoo, where I fell in love with sheep.

NOVEMBER: After asking multiple times, my partner and I went to visit the Distillery District Christmas Market.

DECEMBER: Union Station Holiday Market. December is also Anniversary month for myself and my partner. Here's to two years, and more years to come.

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