Review: Colourpop Cosmetics

Since getting into the magic of putting colours on my face, I've been branching out into brands because I want to find my go-to bran...

Since getting into the magic of putting colours on my face, I've been branching out into brands because I want to find my go-to brand for a certain product. I have the type of personality where when I find something I like, I run it so hard into the ground that I will tire of it, so I want to find something that I know works for me so at least if I tire of it, it'll at least still be a safe option.

I wanted to try Colourpop since it's somewhat affordable, and seemingly overly-hyped everywhere on the Internet. Considering the three products I tried, the verdict is: It's meh.
(Creme gel eyeliner: Stomper, Workout. Ultra Matte liquid lipstick: Tulle, Dr. M. Blush: Between the Sheets)

While gorgeously pigmented, I have a few qualms about the Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks (Tulle and Dr. M). First, they're difficult to apply. They're a strange, water-consistency texture that is very unforgiving if you don't apply them right the first time. They absolutely do not layer well at all. Initial application needs to be as thin as possible, else they're going to flake like crazy. Wearing a lip balm underneath is also recommended because these lipsticks accentuate every line and area of your lips that aren't the texture of a newborn baby's ass. They also fade into that ridiculous 90's look when dark lip liner and a lighter coloured lip was a thing. Just as difficult as they are to apply, they're about as difficult to take off. The amount of product on your lips that hasn't flaked off (especially for Dr. M oh god is this especially painful), you'll need makeup remover, Vaseline, and sacrificial blood from three, white, male goats to wipe away, and god-forbid you get some on the areas around your mouth -I hope you're not going anywhere because you're going to be green for a while.

The blush in Between the Sheets is garbage, in my opinion. The longevity is a disappointing 2 hours, and using a brush is basically impossible. To be fair, the card it comes with tells me to use my fingers but I hate using my fingers to apply my makeup because I have acne-prone skin. The colour doesn't come off right from pan to my face, either. The packaging is bulky. I read that it might have to do with the formula of the product, but I feel there could be other sleeker, and cost-effective yet more durable ways the packaging could have been designed. It doesn't help that the pan came off the plastic compartment, and that there's product all over the inside of the lid before I had even opened it. The pigmentation is also terribly lacking for someone like me who likes to use an almost admonishing amount of blush.

The gel eyeliners in Workout and Stomper are actually wonderful. The consistency is very "wet" so it makes it really easy to draw the sort of eyeliner look I like doing. The longevity, again, leaves more to be desired, but the product is pigmented and thankfully easy to work with enough that it can be forgiven, and once it's on, it will stay on for the duration of its (semi-short : lasts at least 7-8 hours) life. How does it last through crying? No smudges, but flakes off somewhat. It's also surprisingly easy to take off. (with a solution that's not water, of course). I'm actually very happy about these.
(Here's the blush with the pan having fallen out, and my face wearing Tulle and Dr. M which is turning out a little too blue in photo. It's actually a stark green)  
Like I said, the verdict is meh. Would I repurchase anything from Colourpop again? ~Maybe. Definitely not the ultra matte liquid lipsticks and definitely, absolutely, positively not any of their blushes or anything that comes in that packaging and formula. As a Canuck, I feel the ridic shipping fees feels, so to be honest, I can't really say it's worth it.

I've been getting into wearing eyeshadow now, too, so on to my next venture, indie eye shadows. Particularly, this one.

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    Honestly think you can choose super pretty colours omg <3
    I really want to go makeup shopping with you one of these days
    Remember Paris and going inside a makeup store when we were in search of a plaid top?
    That was pretty fun but pulubi feelssss

  2. The liquid lipsticks look good at least? :O I wonder if a lip primer would help. I started using it recently because I always have chapped lips and lipstick makes it look so obvious. I would definitely think twice about ColourPop though thanks to your review!

  3. It's so heavily pigmented @___________@ <3 IN LOVE. LOOOOVE the color on the left on you!