A Look At: My Work Bag After I Haven't Cleaned It Out For Three Months

Sometimes, I do things to myself that makes future me miserable -like chucking anything and everything in my bag, then making a mental not...

Sometimes, I do things to myself that makes future me miserable -like chucking anything and everything in my bag, then making a mental note of, "Eh, I'll clean it out this weekend".

But have I? No. Not for three months.

It's always interesting seeing the contents of people's bags. I feel like it says so much about a person, especially if it's an accumulation of three months-worth of living, and roughing and tumbling, so I've written up a (only very slightly introspective) list of my backpack contents:

  • I've got two plastic bags and an umbrella. Clearly, I'm prepared for 1.) rain, and 2.) being sick and needing somewhere to throw up.
  • Tylenol, Gravol, Nasal spray, Cold Meds, Bonamine, Vitamin-C drink suplements, Inhaler, Hand-sanitizer. I've come to accept that I have a very weak immune system, and have become very prone to motion sickness.
  • I have three notebooks of different sizes, and three notepads and thirteen writing materials. Do I really need to bring three everywhere? Do I really need to bring thirteen pens and pencils? I'm not backpacking. I'm commuting to work, goddamnit.
  • Mints and two mini bottles of cologne. In case I gotta get up close and personal, I guess.
  • A packet of Pancit Canton. Three packetcs of hot chocolate mix . A packet of Cup-A-Soup. Work food, I swear.
  • At least I'm not hoarding my lip products and am very good about keeping a neutral, H&M lip stain, and lipstick of the day (which was my favourite, MAC Twig). I think I need to diversify, but dark colours rub off so easily (I'm always munching on something so I need something that troops through food consumption).
  • An entire pack of pads and tampons? I should leave some of these at work.
  • Current read is: A Distant Shore. I've been in a reading slump. I've powered through a few books in the past couple of months, but I've been so tired lately that I've been falling asleep when I'm on the subway train instead.
  • Socks. Because. What if I need them.
  • My glasses and sunglasses. Staring at a computer is hard on your eyes. Such is developer life.
  • I have my work mug in my backpack. Why do I do this to myself.
  • I have two glass cleaners for said glasses. I should leave one of these at work, too.
  • Why do I choose to give myself back pain.
  • why
If anyone has any tips to manage the things you bring to work, please do share because I can't live my life with a backpack that makes it seem like I'm running away, and gives me chronic back and shoulder pain. I already get enough of that from my posture at work.

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  1. OMG hahaha I can totally relate to you! I prefer big shoulder bags over small ones bec I just feel so incomplete leaving home without EVERYTHING I deem I need!

  2. I was thinking through this entire post "Oh god, that must weigh a tonne." and apparently I was right. I find bringing my laptop heavy enough and I get sick of carrying a backpack. I also wish I could switch to purses but nope. Too much shit to use purses. *sigh*

  3. I can't imagine myself bringing a small hand/shoulder bag to work! I'm the "just in case I might need this" type of girl so that I'm ready for emergencies!! Bringing a small bag makes me feel incomplete and I feel like I left so many important things at home!!