WWWWW: Joining the Big People Crusade

If you haven't noticed, I've been trying to streamline this blog -"curate" it, to inject some fancy terminology. I...

If you haven't noticed, I've been trying to streamline this blog -"curate" it, to inject some fancy terminology. I've seen end-of-the-week posts, but I'm not exactly an end-of-the-week kind of person. My week kind of just goes, and goes, and continues to go. Especially now that I have a big people job. Hello, my name is Nichie and I'm a front-end developer.

WHAT WAS my week like:

- I got a job at a startup company (started last week, actually). Currently, I am helping develop a mobile application for iOS and Android. I feel like I'm absorbing more code-knowledge than in my four years of University.
- I finished two books because my commute to work takes about an hour via the subway. By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne Peters and Looking For Alaska by John Green. The first book was terrible except for the last few pages, but I feel that's supposed to be the way it is. Thematically appropriate, yet mediocrally written. This is a fault I find in many books, where mutually exclusive parts are greater than the whole. The same goes for Looking For Alaska. There are some parts I loved and some that made my eyes roll back into the deepest, darkest corners of the back of my head. Unfortunately, I cannot judge a book by the parts, but by the whole thing. (But also, I really dislike Alaska Young.)
- I found the absolute ugliest dress at the thrift shop and when I say ugliest, I mean the actual-cutest-best-oh-god-I-want-it dress. The only reason I didn't get it was because it was sheer.
- My foundation is too pink for my skin tone.
- I forgot my wallet in my drawer at work.
- I treated my family out to dinner because I got paid my very first real-people-job paycheck!

WHAT WILL my week be like:

- More developing and more learning. It's frustrating when you're surrounded by people who already know what they're doing and have gotten into a rhythm of how everything works. I'm always really jealous of people who can speak, write, and understand code fluently in all its dialects.
- Get a foundation that's yellow-toned.
- Today is my birthday. Hopefully the rest of my week falls in place.
- More YA novels on the train, specifically, Sarah Dessen novels.
- Dinner with friends and family.
- Pitch Perfect 2, maybe?

To show that I'm super legit about this streamlining thing, here, have a blog button. Leave a link in the comments if you decide to go about this WWWWW business. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts and schedules and going-ons. Makes me feel connected.

And feeling connected is important.
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  1. I also disliked Alaska Young! But I liked the book the first time I read it, not so much the second time I read it.

    Happy belated birthday!