Guess Who's Back.

Before anything else, I'm kind of digging this font combination: Belta Bold (OT1) and Bell MT .  If you've been a long time ...

Before anything else, I'm kind of digging this font combination: Belta Bold (OT1) and Bell MT

If you've been a long time follower of this blog, I'm sure you're already aware of my erratic blogging habits, and I hope to the dear Internet gods that when you get an update for this post on this sorry excuse for a thought-platform, your heart jumps even the slightest bit in joy.

It's basically been a hectic month for me -what with trying to maintain my almost-perfect university student status (y'know, 3.5 GPA, student council, eating disgustingly unhealthy food). As I write this, I am one assignment away from being completely done with my undergraduate degree. That means no more Computer Science papers, no more Communications papers, no more consistency, no more waking up knowing what I need to do for the day. Almost every undergraduate goes through this, don't they? The phase of "oh good Lord please don't ask me about my future just don't do it I wanttocrawlintomybedandsleepfortenyears", which I feel is perfectly represented by this photo:
Look at those brown spots perfectly representing the anxiety about my future enveloping my 5'0 ft frame.

I guess what I'm trying to say since I've found myself suddenly free of academic (and young person) obligations, I should start getting my life together. And in the most "Nich" way possible. I haven't been writing too much about how I feel (gosh, feelings are icky things, aren't they), or what I think anymore because I've never gotten rid of that part of me that's slightly terrified about putting one's thoughts on the Internet. To remedy this, I've gone and gotten myself a TinyLetter account: ( I'm not sure if this is what I want in terms of getting my (online) life together. I should probably have started with all those unfinished blog posts in my drafts folder. Maybe I should be better at meeting people over the Internet. I still don't quite understand social media, the way it is and the way people are when they're on it. I still don't quite understand a lot of things, but I'm growing -I'm turning 22, I damned better be.

Hopefully, Eminem's Guess Who's Back proves to be an appropriate title. I need to lose the habit of this back and forth tango between myself and this blog. Hopefully, I find concentration. Hopefully, I find a niche that's "Nich" (that's a pun that's way too reaching). Hopefully, I find myself employed within the next month. Hopefully, I become able to write my thoughts out so much better than the juvenile word-vomit I've written before.

I am full of hope, and hopefully, I'm here to stay (especially because hey look I've taken advantage of a domain:

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  1. This huge comeback is getting me super hyped. Your whole blog has a great, clean feel to it and I am liking it. Plus, it makes me slightly sad at my inferior writing skills and the oh so odd topics I talk about. But! I can`t wait to read new things from you and I subscribed to your tinyletter!