Digital Media: Nichie tries to graduate: Snippets from my literature review

I haven't been on anywhere recently, mainly because I just started school again and already I've have to submit a literature review ...

I haven't been on anywhere recently, mainly because I just started school again and already I've have to submit a literature review for next week's class. I think I'm going to begin a new series on this blog entitled, "Nichie Tries to Graduate". Join me on my journey of 21 credits in three months, philosophy bull, crying over writing a thesis paper, and attempting to maintain a life outside of school. Since I haven't had any thoughts other than that of interactive storytelling, technology, games, and narrative, I thought I'd share my literature review's opening and closing paragraphs.

"Stories have been around for a long time, quite possibly since the dawn of human consciousness. As history has been re-told, and re-imagined, the process of storytelling has developed in line with the cultural changes in the inherent human need for immersive social interaction.  The modern age has given rise to a new medium for storytelling in the form of digital media. Computer mediated stories have become more ubiquitous, and the conventions and strategies of storytelling have begun, and continue to push the boundaries of traditional narrative foundation. Interactive storytelling imagines a conciliation between semiotics and computational media.

To specify my personal domain in digital media, I would like to pursue interactive storytelling through unconventional means (possibly in physical space), and as a process for visualization of data and the actualization of its meaning. There are stories in data that need to be told, and we need to find more ways to tell them.

Interactive Storytelling is a process that can be recognized throughout many disciplines such as film, literature, performance arts, and digital art including video games, online comics, and websites. Its development is very much like the narrative structure from whence it began, rising from merely giving the illusion of interactivity to the climax of true user-generated story, and then slowly moving towards denouement where strategies, and agency are resolved. An interactive story is not merely a game, nor a generic play of events, as impacted upon by Janet Murray, Chris Crawford, and the like. We have entered an age where human beings have become just as concerned with the way a story is told, as with what the story is about. The only hurdle we face is the limitations of the tools and technologies available to us. Interactive storytelling enables a new way of thinking, interaction, and expression, and at the end of the day, data and stories remain to be generated by people, and must be told by people."

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  1. I love the start of your paper! It`s seems super promising. You are going to do well this year, Love! You are going to shine as one of the top people on in class with a bitching thesis because you put so much effort in it already, I am pretty sure you are going to ace this already. Don`t let anything get in the way of your success, all right? Even yourself (emotions of failure and the like). You can do this. I am rooting for you.