Outside Adventures: Rome Recap Day 2: The Vatican, St. Peter's Basilica, St. Peter's Square

We had taken the subway then walked a few ways away toward the Vatican wall when we were stopped by a large man asking us if we wanted to take a guided tour. After minutes of coercing, my parents agreed which I'm really glad they did because it was incredibly informative. 

In case you didn't know: The Vatican is a whole independent state from Rome.

It's amazing to be inside the Vatican museum -there is so much art and culture and story, you can barely keep up with all the information.
An amazing thing about this ceiling is that it is completely flat. The embossed texture is just an illusion made by the incredibly talented artist that painted this.
These weaved tapestries hold some wicked mathematical-perspective magic wherein depending which side you view it from, the table, Jesus's body and the slab he steps on in the first tapestry will switch sides as well.
 St. Peter's Basilica and Michelangelo's Pieta. 
I've added Swiss Guards to my list of favourite people on this earth. They're basically colourful Night's Watchmen, guarding the Vatican wall. Well, they don't guard the wall, really -they guard the pope so they're the King's Rainbow Guard? (*Game of Thrones reference)
 St. Peter's Square -the only movie I can remember this clearly from is Angels and Demons.

We also entered the Sistine Chapel with the incredibly amazing, amazing ceiling painted by Michelangelo. We weren't allowed to take photos because of the sanctity of the place but oh wow- does it feel humbling to look up and just experience the entire ceiling as if Michelangelo himself was telling you about it. I've also added Michelangelo to my list of favourite artists because he had so much sass and included it in his paintings. If he didn't like someone, he'd paint them as the devil in a commissioned painting.

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  2. Michael Angelo is soo devious XD I love the flat ceiling. Holy 7 gods. Self esteem: 0 ! Hahahaha