Visual Diary: CN Tower

The CN Tower at 553.33 meters (1,815 ft., 5 inches) was once the tallest building, tower, and freestanding structure, but as of 2010 retains the title of world's tallest tower.

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  1. your fish lens makes me jelly!! XD love the pics of the buildings. Something I would reblog.

  2. Did you post process this paaaa :o Toy camera? the colors are so nice!

    1. Yup -I had to post process the inside pictures because it was too dark. Thank you!

  3. Plus points on that roof with the shark decal. I shouldn`t be allowed on high things because it compels me to jump off. I`m not suicidal but can you imagine the rush you get out of just jumping and falling? Guess if you`re scared of heights, you wouldn`t know but wow it`s so high up and wow I want to jump off if ever. :O The shots are so great huhuhu I want to be a photographer too ;u;