I Keep Coming Back to Manila

I Keep Coming Back to Manila Acrylic + Collage Before you think that this is some random splatter of paint and p...

I Keep Coming Back to Manila
Acrylic + Collage

Before you think that this is some random splatter of paint and plastic, let me explain. This piece is sort of an "abstract representation" of the road map of Manila. If you look closely enough, you'll see staples following the paths of the road map. The colours are all my feels about the places on the map, like Madaluyong, where we used to live, Makati, where CSA is, Ateneo and La Salle, Caloocan, Malabon and Taytay, where my family lives, Paranaque and Quezon where most of my friends live.

Yellow represents all my happy feelings.

Blue represents feelings of loyalty. It's associated with the throb in my heart whenever I think of these places, concentrated on Mandaluyong, CSA and my family. It also represents that when all other colours have gone and faded, my family will still be there. They are my home.

Violet represents regret, very much concentrated on Ateneo -which to this day, still remains to be my biggest regret.

White, then, represents feelings of wishing there was more I could've done.

Red represents anger -angry at living so far away, angry at people complaining about being so far away, angry at people constantly complaining, angry at people not seeing what they have, angry at wishing I'd be appreciated more, which brings me to

Green. Envy. Jealous of the Filipino University lives. Jealous of "blockmates" and the concept of "Dean's Lister". Jealous of people's barkadas and "block bonding". Jealous of places like Noriter or High Street, "hang out places" because there's none of those here. Jealous of Ateneo. Jealous of not being alone.

And then we have Silver, concentrated around places where my family, especially Caloocan, and friends live. Silver represents the feeling of homesickness and thoughts of "I miss you."

The sides of the canvas, I painted red and blue, angry at being so far away but remaining loyal to home despite its terribly flawed economy and culture, adding up to violet, regretful that these are the only feelings and experiences I will have in a long time.

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  1. Wow. I wish I can see this in real life. It's really beautiful how you've decided to make this artwork. Thanks for sharing us how you feel :)

  2. YOU ARE LOVELY <3 and I'm loving your blog to bits <3